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Mike Perez

Mike Perez is lovingly known in the Varian Equestrian community as the "horse whisperer", having worked for Sheila Varian on this stunning property for 20 years before her passing in 2016, while continuing her great legacy to this very day.

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Sheila passed on specific training techniques from her own experiences as well as others', of which she lovingly approved for her horses. Mike was a key figure in Sheila's program with specialties ranging from ground training to desensitizing and halter breaking of the foals. He truly embraced the Varian Way of training and makes it available to all boarders at Varian Equestrian Center. 


Mike's reputation has continued to grow since Sheila's passing, admired by many in the equine community. As the ranch shifted to that of becoming an all-horse boarding and training facility he is a highly sought after trainer to help all horses with specific needs or problems. Mike also specializes in Show Halter standup and training/conditioning. Show trainers who work with Mike say wonderful things about the horses they get back from his sessions as they prepare to go into the show ring. Mike has proven over and over again that he has what it takes to gain a horse’s trust to be able to help them through their learning process, and he can do the same for your equine friend.


1275 Corbett Canyon Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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